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Paper: Peering Economics
May07 - Quaking Tables - Taiwan Quake (AMSIX ppt)
May07 - Quaking Tables - Taiwan Quake (LINX ppt)
Oct04 - Peering Economics of a long distance ISP operator

This stuff is pretty cool, just follow the links below:

Badger Badger Badger

We got lions

Calling for less - QuickDial

Family Tree v2 - *NEW*
This new version is more up-to-date and included copies of Census returns, certificates and pictures where possible. It also allows you to produce charts, run searches on names etc. Its still in development but most of the functionality is completed now! ..  

Technical Resources
A reference of useful technical information

Picture Gallery
Just my personal pictures of friends, family, work and related events

GigE ports down, wait, now they're up again, gotta find an SE to blame....

ABC to Nirvana
An old (unfinished) website I started back in the bannerclick age! ABC to Nirvana contains a biography to the band, as well as pictures, references etc

Whats my Lyrics?
Lyric lookup site...

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